Latest Wins

Below is a list of wins that NWHPBA has had recently, check them out for yourself:


  • NWHPBA won the fight to ensure gas appliance heating efficiency standards were reasonable and able to be produced by our manufacturers.
  • NWHPBA worked with a coalition of industry and consumers to push back attempts to ban residential natural gas hook ups in several areas around Washington State, including the cities of Seattle and Spokane.
  • NWHPBA lobbied to increase the amount of money available to consumers for woodstove changeout programs in Washington State by over $1.5 million.
  • When the pandemic supply chain issues hit our industry and made compliance with the newly adopted Washington State Energy Code nearly impossible, NWHPBA lobbied the Washington State Building Code Council to delay implementation of pilot light changes until the materials and chips needed to meet the new rules were available to manufacturers.
  • NWHPBA engaged legislators from Idaho and Washington in factory tours to help build champions and educate legislators about the impacts of changing testing methodologies on the industry.
  • When Washington State Legislators threaten to ban natural gas in the state, NWHPBA members stood up and fought.  They called their legislators, testified in committees and worked in industry coalitions to stop these onerous bills.
  • When Washington’s Governor was closing down businesses due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, NWHPBA worked to ensure that heating services, including hearth products, were considered “essential businesses”
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