• In Washington State we will be working as an active part of a coalition to regain the ability to have natural gas in homes and commercial construction.  This will include both proactive language to remove restrictions created by the state building code in addition to defeating bills that would ban the use of natural gas in new construction.
  • NWHPBA will also be working to focus the monies in the current Woodstove Changeout program to ensure they are spent on non-electric (wood, gas and propane) fueled appliances to truly help replace older woodstoves.  Monies for home electrification area available through other programs.
  • NWHPBA will the leading group to fight any legislation moving woodstove standards below the current EPA standards.
  • In all the NWHPBA states we will be monitoring legislation to ensure that additional licensing restrictions are not put on the installation of products sold by our retailers.  In particular, we will be watching electrification efforts by unions to restrict installations of certain programs to only certain electrician types.
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